The DeoGroup consists of:

  • DeoDrive
  • DeoDesk
  • DeoBoat
  • DeoGen

DeoDrive offers expertise and advisory services to local and national governments, NBO’s and companies concerning the (FC)EV industry, (FC)EV market development and Hydrogen infrastructure.

DeoDesk is the centre for knowledge regarding all branches of the zero emission eco-system. This business unit offers its wide range expertise to regional, national and international governments and large enterprises. DeoDesk is the primary business unit among its fellow group members.

DeoBoat offers technology and engineering services for making medium size and larger ships electric, mostly using (batteries and) hydrogen fuel cells. But this business unit also makes fleets of FCEV (fuel cell electric vessel) sloops than can be used for leisure as well as professional coastal (category C) operations.

DeoGen offers Fuel Cell Generators that make electrical power out of hydrogen in any size. Ranging from 100 Watt to 300 KiloWatt. Ieal for construction sites, CCTV camera’s, mobile lighting, telecom etcetera.