EFRO future proof mobility

Together with 11 other organizations, including the Mobile Heritage Center, University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, KNAC and FOCWA, DeoDesk participated in a multi-year program that is subsidized by the European Union.

The subsidy was provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The program involves building and bringing together knowledge in the field of sustainable technology for mobility concepts and developing electric drives for vehicles that can be applied in mobile heritage and in modern vehicles.

Knowledge is transferred to the Center of Expertise (CoE) and applied in the Community of Practice (CoP) of the Automotive program at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

DeoDesk brings knowledge and experience in the field of electric vehicles, battery technology and hydrogen fuel cells (fuel cells) as a carrier of electrical energy in vehicles.


Source: www.kansenvoorwest2.nl/nl/resultaten
alinea: “Clean & future proof mobility concepts”