Future Energy

What is Future Energy?

If we don’t work on our future now, that future will never come. Or others invent that future. And we are left behind. Do we want that?

Developing Energy Opportunities

The Netherlands (especially Rotterdam) is working hard to become Europe’s maingate to Europe for hydrogen. With hydrogen we can store green energy, if we temporarily have too much, for a long time and sustainably for later use. If that green energy is abundant elsewhere, we can store that energy and distribute that all over Europe from Rotterdam using our state of the art gaspipe network.


We believe in things that really work and have real value, both for people and for the economy. DeoDesk sees opportunities in Education, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship and especially in the combination of those three domains. DeoDesk is a founding partner of the H2 Energy Lab of the Automotive Center of Expertise (University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam).

“Sustainability is doing tomorrow what you do today, without disturbing you or your children the day after tomorrow.” ©