Investment and savings

Return on Investement

Sustainable energy and mobility means investing. Investing in a better world, but also in a strategic market position. Renewable energy and mobility offers new opportunities for higher-quality services that offer organizations a strategic advantage.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A well-known theme is the Total Cost of Ownership. We calculate the sustainable investment in zero-emission mobility for our clients on a daily basis. Payback times are important and it almost always turns out to provide a financially interesting business case.

Sprinter on hydrogen
Maintenance costs, downtime and wear on fuel engines are important factors in the use and management of fleets. Electric vehicles offer advantages. These benefits are only realized if after-sales service is guaranteed. That is exactly where the (FC) EV vehicles of DEOdrive stand out. The vehicles are commissioned in small (or large) series produced after technical design of the best engineers in the European automotive market. The knowledge of the vehicle is always made available so that there is no vendor lock-in and that maintenance of the vehicles is guaranteed for years to come. These cars even offer an advantage over “big brands”.